What is webhosting

There are people who is asking what web hosting is. I will explain what web hosting is and tell you the basic types of hosting.  Web hosting is renting a piece of space on a server, a computer that is continuously connected to the Internet, where various pages of a website can be posted. Such a little piece of space with all related services is called a hosting account.

Downloading movies legal or illegal?

Many people are just wondering if downloading a movie legal is or illegal. There are so many ways to download  a movie or watch online a stream movie for free. Uploading, sharing or streaming a movie is illegal, the reason is the copyrights. But now im surfing on the web I can see many streaming sites and download sites, like BitTorrent, and I can have it all for free on my computer.

Can I Earn Money Online?

Yes you can! There are many ways to make money on the internet. But don’t think you become rich while sleeping, everyone has to work for money, not fall asleep and get rich. There are so many websites that promise you being rich by buying a package worth about $25. You basically buy a package worthless piece of crap with   all smelly air. So forget about making money through this way, but there are really possibilities on the web to earn money.

How to make your signal stronger for your Smart Bro, Globe Tattoo and Sun usb modem

Portable usb modems are easy to use anywhere you are.  Smart Telecom, Globe Telecom, and Sun Telecom offering broadband plug-it modems. You can plug it in the usb port of your laptop or desktop, install the software and you have  an internet connection. Those modems are using the wireless 3G or UMTS technology. The Philippines is one of the first countries in Southeast Asia starting with this technology thanks to the 7100 islands.

Open Source Software for webshop

If you plan to start your own webshop it doesn’t mean that it will be a big investment. On the internet are many free to download open source software. The great thing is that the OS developed by anyone and everyone. Some things you think about before you download a free OS software for a webshop. A disadvantage of open source packages is that you do not receive direct support.