How To Add Emoticons / Smileys In Gmail

Gmail has a feature to activate some extra emoticons which can be very useful to show your emotions into an email message to make it more powerful. It’s a very nice utility to show emotions so the email doesnt look too simple or business minded. Some people overuse those emoticons to put them between some text, such as the lol and rofl. Emotions¬†are very nice to use and there are many available. For those who are interested in using emoticons I will explain how to make them available in Gmail.

How To Surf Anonymous Using Tracking Protection Lists Internet Explorer 9

interner explorer logoTracking Protection Lists for Internet Explorer is a technology that has the purpose to protect the user privacy better. It works as a kind of advertising blocker, and prevents Internet users against web sites or ad networks. Tracking Protection helps to protect your privacy, but provide no guarantee that your online profile can not be traced.

How To Compress And Send Large Files With

Many services are available to send large files through the internet, such as WeTransfer and Binfer. Some are using a server and others are using P2P (peer 2 Peer). If it goes through a server, the file will be stored somewhere and from there the recipient can download it any time.  For those who prefer to keep a full control without any server in between can go to In a few mouse-clicks you can send files, such as a video, mp3 or other big files through a safe one-to-one connection to someone else.

12 Reasons To Use Linux Instead Of Windows

LinuxMicrosoft made themself stronger and stronger and almost everybody is using Windows as operating system on the computer. For every computer you need a license to use Windows and all the extra software you have to pay for. Good thing there are another options to use your computer without paying for software. Linux is an Open Source software which is developed by volunteers and made for everybody.

Farstone TotalRecovery Computer Backup and Recovery Software Coupons

FarstoneWith Farstone TotalRecovery Tools you have everything what you need, it has a collection of data and system recovery applications. It provide features such as complete computer backup and recovery, disk cloning, disk imaging, password recovery, hard disk error and it destroys military standard U.S. DoD 5220.22-M compliant data. TotalRecovery Tools can recover easy and fast. It simply restart the system and boot from the operating system built by Total Recovery ExpressCard to back up/restore the entire system or files.

How To Transfer Large Files With Binfer

binferBinfer is an application for sending large files, this software sends and receives files between your computer directly to your friend or family, so its not uploading to a hosting server. It supports all file types such as videos, photos and documents. Binfer is fast and easy to use, private, practical and time saving, a good alternative for FTP and web upload.
Sometimes is sending large file times-consuming, Binfer makes sharing files simple and fast. It is sending files of any size, type and quantity. If the transmission is interrupted for any reason, it will automatically be resumed.