Chat Online With IRC Internet Relay Chat

IRCInternet Relay Chat (IRC) started already a long time ago and is one of the first chat programs. Now there are already many chat programs such as Windows Live Messenger, Skype, Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ and Google Chat and that makes IRC unknown. With the IRC-client you can connect to different ICR-servers which are available on the internet and once connected you can chat with other users on the IRC-server.

How To Cleanup Windows Registry With Eusing Free Registry Cleaner

Once in a while its better to clean up your registry to make your computer run faster. When you uninstall programs it happen many time some registry keys are left which makes Windows run slower, let Windows crash or it gives error messages. As you know there are many registry programs available and most of them are good. Also Eusing Free Registry Cleaner is a program for cleaning up the registry.

How To Convert Powerpoint To Flash SWF Files With iSpring

Maybe you’re wondering if you can convert a Powerpoint presentation into flash so you can play it in any kind of browser or uploading it to YouTube. iSpring is maybe something you’re looking for. Of course there are more other programs available to convert Powerpoint into Flash, only they don’t have always the same features and some programs includes spyware or other malicious software such as toolbars, this mostly happens with free software.
With iSpring you have to specify a valid email address, so they can make use of it and send advertisements to you.

How To Install Windows 8 On A Virtual Machine

Windows 8 VirtualboxWindows 8 Consumer Preview is available for download, it is only a temporary test version of Windows 8. Maybe you’re interested to try to Windows 8 and don’t want to uninstall your recent Windows or Linux operating system. It is possible to run the Windows 8 Preview version on a virtual computer. With the test version you have the chance to get bugs or crashes and beside this the Windows 8 version is only for temporary use, after a while it’s no longer usable. So if you prefer to keep your existing Windows or Linux operating system you can try to use a virtual computer.