Open Source Software Ubuntu, Operating System For The Future

UbuntuAlmost everyone is using Windows operating system, most new computers and laptops comes with Windows. But there is also a free Open Source available called Linux Ubuntu, this is for those who has problems with Windows or you want to try something new. You can try Ubuntu first by burning a version on a disc which will run if you put it in the CD player from your computer. You can also install Ubuntu as a dual-boot. Then you can choose whether you are running Windows or Ubuntu. And later on you can install Ubuntu permanently and remove Windows.

Using Ubuntu

Once your computer is switched from Windows to Linux you might to get used to it first. The interface of Ubuntu looks different compared to Windows but it is stylish , and you can fully personalize screen savers, sounds, applications and much more.

Ubuntu interface

The start button is now at the top and the menus shows no more confidential names such excel, paint and word. Once you start clicking everything, you will come to the conclusion that all your needs are here. It has other names and it looks different but it works the same. In the Ubuntu System settings you have an overview of your system which looks the same as the control panel in Windows.

Ubuntu system settings

Maybe you are wondering why everyone is buying the expensive Windows software. The major reason is that Windows is pre-installed on new computers. So you’re almost forced to buy Windows when you buy a new computer. Nowadays there are also cheaper computers for sale, where Linux is installed.


Ubuntu has many advantages compared to Windows. No need to install antivirus, spyware or anti-malware software because it is not sensitive for viruses. Virus makers are not interested to make viruses for Ubuntu because this operating system has not a big market share. Ubuntu is an Open Source software which means its free to use. There are additional software is pre-installed such as Gimp, a professional photo editor, Mozilla Firefox internet browser and BitTorrent client. Ubuntu has Libre as default editor which is the same as Word in Windows. All Word documents you can also edit in Libre

Ubuntu Libre

All software which are available for Ubuntu are free to download from the internet. In the Ubuntu software center is an overview of all available software and also you can see the installed programs.

Ubuntu software center

There are also online help forums online so you can solve any software problems. Linux runs faster compared to Windows. There is no spyware coming so it will not slow down after a long time. Ubuntu is very user-friendly, you can work with existing computer files, printers, cameras, etc.


Linux operating systems doesn’t need firewall because it is pretty hard to hack the Linux System. There are almost no viruses written for Linux. Moreover, writing a Linux virus is so complicated that only experienced software developers succeed if they invest a lot of time. Therefore, Linux is a safer system than Windows. This is the reason that many companies are switching to Linux. The companies are paying for a Linux consultant or application developer to write a program that is specially designed for a company.


There is every 6 months a new version for ubuntu. Everything is up to date, and you’re always enjoy the latest technologies in software development.  In terms of software Ubuntu is similar to iOS from Apple. There is always a free application available. The system requirements are low and that makes Ubuntu runs fast on modern computers, much faster than Windows or Mac. There are 55 languages available, if there is a problem, you’ll be helped by the Ubuntu community. Ubuntu is available at



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