How To Modify Settings And Clean Cookies Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player is installed on every computer for watching videos or play games online on sites as YouTube, Facebook and many others, most of them using Flash player. Many people doesn’t know that Flash Player saves cookies on the computer. Those cookies it possible to remove and clean up manually by yourself, also you can adjust the setting of the player.

The most easiest way going to the settings is to click the right-mouse button on the Facebook game or YouTube video, actually, this can be done by every website using a Flash player. Once you right-click on the player a menu will open. important are the Settings and General Settings. Another way to open the General Settings, go to the Control Panel in the Windows Start menu and look for the Flash Player icon.

Flash right mouse click


If you choose for Settings a small pup-up window will open. Here it is possible navigate between some icons and adjust some settings of the player. The first icon is to enable the hardware acceleration. Beside this icon you can allow or deny Flash player to access the microphone and camera. The most important icon is the third one, here you can set the amount of data that Flash Player can store.

Flash mic cam

General settings

The General Settings in the context menu you have more options available. Under the Storage tab you can specify whether you want to be notified of when a website wants to store data locally, or simply prohibit that the file will be saved. You can even indicate this per site. There is also a button to remove all files stored on your computer.

Flash settings manager

The Camera and Mic tab you can set the camera and microphone – Ask first before using or block  them for all websites, you can also define per website.

In the Playback tab you can configure the peer-assisted networking for having a better playback of your media. Advise is not to use this feature, most of the internet connections having not a fast upload speed and also the download speed will decrease.

Under the Advanced tab you can also delete all cookies, it is doing exactly the same as the Delete All button on Storage tab. Also under this tab you can check if there are updates for Adobe’s Flash Player. It’s recommended to check automatically, to look for updates right away push the Check Now button. In this tab you can also see the current version of ActiveX for Internet Explorer and Plug-In for all other Internet browsers.

flash advanced tab





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