Listen And Share Online Music With Spotify

SpotifySpotify is a popular music service on the Internet, especially in Europe. Unlike other music services Spotify is totally legal. Originally Spotify is a Swedish company and has licensing agreements with various music companies and record labels such as Sony, EMI, Warner and Universal. The revenues are generated by broadcasting commercials. If you pay $10 a month, you have some extra features such as stop the advertising and listening to your playlists without an Internet connection.

With Spotify you can stream music over the Internet. Normally you can download the music, often illegally, from the net. You can choose from an infinite source of music and play this through your iPod, computer or mobile phone. Every week the sources will be added with new music.

There are three version available:

  • The free version – There are commercials in between, often images of artists and musicians.
  • Spotify Unlimited – For $4.99 you can listen unlimited streaming music without commercials in between. The quality of the music is 160 kbps.
  • Spotify Premium – Here are also no commercials in between. The sound quality with Spotify Premium subscription is much better than the Spotify Unlimited, which is up to 320 kbps.

With Spotify you can downstream as many as 10 million music files. You can stream music as much as you want.  You can share easy music files by sending  a link of a track or playlist to your friends and they have the ability to listen directly to the music. Its also possible to share music in Facebook by simply drop a link in a message. Then use the right-mouse button to share your tracks or playlists with friends.

There is a tab that describes more about the music and artist that youre listening. Spotify has signed an agreement with the All Music Guide, the connoisseurs of music, to make this all possible. You can find out information about musical styles, the influences of music, recording history, the band members and so on.

spotify screenshot

It is easy to search music using Spotify. Go to their website and type in the search bar your query. In no time you have the results on your screen. You can find your downstream and purchased music through a subscription on an easy way. The Spotify library provides a clear overview of your previous actions, and the Spotify inbox you can find the shared music files and you see all the music that other users did share with you.

Spotify not much different compared to Rhapsody. The music database has the same amount of music and the paid plans are very similar. Spotify is currently only available in Sweden, Norway, Finland, the UK, France, Spain, the Netherlands and the US.


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