Listen Internet Radio With Crawler Radio & MP3 Player

Thousands of Internet radio stations are available for us to listen all day and all night. With Crawler Radio & Mp3 Player you can search, listen and record you favorite music. This is a free software and you don’t need a big space on your hard disk, the size of this software is around the 4 MB. Just download the software and install it on your computer and then you can start to listen to the stations you like.

Listen to Internet Radio

You can choose from the radio list that includes 16 genres varies from Oldies, Top40, Country, Rock, Sports, Classical, Dance and more. You can choose from radio stations all over the world. Very nice is that if the player has not a channel in the list you like, search the link on the internet and you can drag and drop it to the player and it will play it for you. Add your favorite radio station to the favorites list, so you can find it easy back again.

In one click you can record you music or programs, on the display you can see the active recording, it is indicated by the “REC“. When you want to stop recording, just click the same button again. You can play it back again any time you want.


Make a schedule for recording

With Crawler Radio & Mp3 player you can also schedule you recordings. If you don’t want to miss anything of your favorite programs, you can schedule your recording daily or weekly. Start to click the File menu and select the Show Scheduled Recordings option, then select add new button. In the pop-up window you can enter the show name, station name, recording time, file name format and the output folder. You can change the format if you don’t want the default settings. Press the OK button and it is ready to start recording on the scheduled time.

If you don’t like to listen to an Internet Radio station anymore, you can easily switch to the MP3 player in one click. You can play music in MP3 and wav format, just drag and drop the folder or files to the Crawler Radio & MP3 Player. Make your own playlist and if you want to play it in a different order then use the shuffle play. Another option is to play in mini mode.

Crawler Radio & Mp3 player is free to download, it doesn’t need a lot of disk space. You can choose to play your MP3/Wav files or listen to Internet radio and record your favorite programs.  There is something for everybody.




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