Lightworks Free Video Editing Software For Professionals

Lightworks logoLightworks is a professional open source video editing software which is used for movies. The software became open source in 2010 and there is a free public beta version available for Windows users. Lightworks is a video editing software with extensive possibilities. Therefore it is more suitable for professionals instead of home users. The program needs more than 2 GB memory for its powerful video editing.

This is a capable video editing software for free or little budget which works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 32 bit and Windows 7 64 bit. Lightworks can do most of the things which you expect from a professional editing software. Lightworks can make GPU-accelerated real-time effects, video capture, effects, trimming or color correction and has also media management and third-party support. This video editing software offers the same features as the very expensive programs. For now it’s available for public in Beta, if you want to get this program you have to register an account first.

Lightworks Video editing software

Ligthworks won already an Academy and Emmy award for being a professional-grade editor with over 20 years of history. They made already hundreds of films like Pulp Fiction, The Departed, Centurion and Shutter Island. As of now Lightworks is making Mac OSX and Linux versions, but as of now it is not stable enough.

Lightworks is advanced and professional but for non proffesional users maybe too complicated. After a while using the interface it will look logical, and with the help of the manual you will understand the functions and features. For those with more experience in video editing this software a must because of all the benefits. Lightworks Public Beta requires Matrox VFW’ codecs and a recent version of Apple QuickTime which can be downloaded from, downloading size is about 41 MB.

Lightworks is a free editing open source software, for now only available for Windows operating systems. This program is for professional video editors a must to have!


Automatic save: While working the projects will be saved right away.

Intuitive and fast: The user has more time for editing the video.

Format support: Such as Quicktime, MXF, AVI, REDR3D, DPX,  Avid DNX HD , PRO REX .

Voice Over tool: For adding narration directly to timeline.

Trimming: Lightworks makes trimming on an easy way.

Full Unicode support.

Media Management: Manage the copied and edited files.

Real-time Effects: Change video scaling and color effects on a fast way.

Customizable: Keyboard and user interface buttons, real-time effects settings, render settings, layouts, track layouts.

And much more: All the features you can find on the Lightworks website.




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