What Is A Keylogger And Why To Use It

A keylogger is a program which you can download online. It is used to register keystrokes or mouse movements of a particular computer user. A keylogger is used for spying. You can install it on the computer and keep it hidden for everyone. The keylogger will record every keystroke, and this information ends up in a folder that you’ve chosen. It is used to retrieve MSN passwords, find out conversations and to find out what other persons are doing on your computer.

A keylogger can also be used as a backup. If you have a computer crash, you will keep many information with the keylogger.

The keylogger runs in the background, so the users are using the computer without any notice this program. The information that the keylogger is collecting will be stored in your chosen folder, or you can choose to have the information sent to you through email. You need to protect keylogger with a password so only you can make use of it.

Advanced keylogger

Advanced Keylogger is a simple program and it takes a couple of minutes to download and install the program. The interface is user-friendly with on the main screen the most important buttons. Here can you set a password for the program so not every computer user can use this program. It logs the visited websites and the programs used on the computer. There is also an overview of all used passwords.Advanced Keylogger


A keylogger can be used as a backup of your computer. Usually the keylogger is used for other reasons. You can see what the partner is doing on the computer. Some parents also use this to see what their children are doing. A keylogger can certainly be useful, but the privacy of other computer users is being violated.


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