Make Your Internet Faster With OpenDNS

OpendnsDNS or Domain Name Service provides the translation of an Internet address that we usually enter in the browser, for example to an IP address  in this case You can compare it with a telephone number that you use to connect so someone. DNS translates a number into a word because people can remember easier a name instead of numbers. If a DNS is not working you can’t connect to a website because you don’t know the address. And even then, many websites sharing the IP address so they expect you that you use the IP address and also the name of the website. You can compare this with making a phone call to someone, and that telephone is shared with more people in the family and you can ask the person you want to talk.

What is OpenDNS

OpenDNS is a free service without registration, which you can use if the DNS of your provider doesn’t work properly. It is also possible to create an account that offers additional features. You can get an overview of the websites that your computers has been visited. You can block websites with an individual url or a group of sites and indicate phishing sites.
Another useful thing is creating shortcuts. For example, you can make a shortcut for mail. When you type mail in the address bar, you will be automatically redirected to your Google, Yahoo, Live or other web mail.

Create OpenDNS shortcut

Is this useful?

This is very useful, because there are many internet provider with a poor DNS server. Some DNS servers can’t find a website and the reason is that they don’t have that name in their system. OpenDNS is the biggest DNS server which is very complete. And if you have an account, you can block websites so children can’t enter every website.

Using OpenDNS

Internet protocol

If you want to use OpenDNS you have to set the DNS server addresses on your computer. When you have multiple computers, you should set this for each of them. With multiple computers it goes easier to set it on your router, and not every computer separate. Try sometimes OpenDNS, it is very easy use and you can return to your default settings any time. On the OpenDNS website you will find information regarding the settings for various Windows versions, Mac, Linux and other devices.


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