Wat Is Ebook And What Formats Are Available

You see it more and more on the Internet, eBooks. What are eBooks? An eBook is nothing more than an digital version of a book. That means this book is not printed on a paper, only you can read it on a screen. You can read it on a computer or laptop but there are also special devices to read those books, called eReader. An eReader has only some buttons and a screen, some can only read a certain format like PDF, txt, Epub and Mobi. Nowadays more cellphones can read also ebooks, like the Android, the application is called Aldiko and can read Epub.

Publishers and authors using ebooks to increase their sales because many people  prefer to use the eBook instead of the normal paper book. The advantage of en eBook is that publishers don’t have to make printing and paper costs. Usually there are some extra costs to convert the eBook so it can be read by an eReader.

Ebook formats

Overall seen there are three mostly used eBook formats, the PDF, Epub and Txt. Epub is the most common used for eReaders, but PDF is good to use for a computer and laptop. For smaller screens is the Epub and Txt format. Amazon users are using Mobi format for Kindle eReaders. Lately large publishers, like Sony, embracing the Epub format. It would be nice if there was only one format. Probably most eReaders will use in the future the Epub format so the Mobipocket will be lesser used. Here below are listed some eBook formats.:

Epub is by far the most important format for ebooks. This type of file can be read by most eBook readers. There is also growing support for open source format.

Txt works always, but only be used for text, so you can’t insert pictures.

PDF is a format mostly used by computers, easy for using graphics and tables. A disadvantage is that the user requires to read each page. PDF is made by Adobe.

Mobi is the format for Mobopocket, and will be used by Kindle eReader and that’s used by Amazon.

RTF stands for Rich Text Format. This allows you to work on platforms, such as Windows and Mac. RTF is supported by multiple eReaders.

This is not all the formats which are available, Palm Pilot use the Pdb format and Sony has his own Lrf. To make it not too confused i put only the most important formats.


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