How To Use Incredimail, A Free Stable Email Client

incredimailIncredimail is an email client with more features than the most common email programs. Incredimail makes email fun because you can fit any message to your own wishes as regards style and animations. It looks like this program is not for serious use but actually Incredimail is an e-mail program that you can compare absolutely to programs like Thunderbird, Outlook, Outlook Express or other frequently used e-mail programs.

Incredimail is an email program with many options. The appearance of the program looks similar Outlook. Same as any other email client you can use Incredimail for sending regular e-mails, so e-mails without any special animations. Incredimail is good to use as your default mail program. In addition to sending regular e-mails Incredimail has many features including choices of backgrounds for the e-mails, many animations that can be added and you can choose between different email detectors. Most people use these extra options especially in the beginning, later on they will not use these extras, then the program is mainly used for sending and receiving emails.

The interface

The interface has a colorful appearance. There are some skins included to choose from and the program can be adjusted to your needs.  Incredimail looks like Outlook so it feels comfortable for people who use Outlook. On the top of the screen is a simple toolbar with fairly large buttons. The standard buttons are: create New e-mail, Send, Receive, Reply, Forward and Delete. There are buttons available for the e-mail detector and the skin. On the upper right side you can see the process for sending and receiving e-mails.


Add photo to profile

You can also add photos to your contacts. When sending an e-mail you will not only the name of the person but also a photo, this makes the email more personal. Incredimail makes it possible to add your own photo to your profile, so anyone who receive your e-mail will see this photo as an attachment in the message. This only works if the email program of the recipient supports this feature.

Email notifier

Incredimail animations

Incredimail has a nice feature to get mail notifications. The email notifier is an animation or sound that plays when email is received. In normal email programs this is usually a sound, Incredimail also offers the option when you receive e-mail to play animations that moves on your screen. It does not matter what you are doing at that time, this animation will always appear in front of every program or window. In the beginning this feature is very funny but later on more disturbing.


Send email

To make a new e-mail with Incredimail starts the same as any other program by clicking the button that opens a new window with a blank e-mail. On top of this email are the standard options available for choosing the font, color, size, and adding attachments. On the left of this email is a button to open a menu with additional features. In this menu you can choose e-cards, animations and sounds.Incredimail backgrounds
When you choose the option stationery there is an overview of the backgrounds for the e-mail such as holidays or animals, but you can also leave it blank. The same goes with sending e-cards only the difference here is the background. Another option is to add animations to your email which is similar to smileys which you can find in chat programs. Compared to smilies are the animations much bigger. On the top of the email you can find emoticons which shows a large number to choose from.

Free version

The program is free to use and it includes all the features of the paid version but it also has some disadvantages. All the emails you sent will include advertisement for Incredimail,  for serious work this is disturbing. Also the number of background and animations are limited compared to the paid version. Only once you have purchase the license for the full version, no need to renew it every year.

Incredimail supports multiple email accounts, that means you can have several email addresses. Each email account can have its own profile picture. When it comes to performance Incredimail can compete to other email client software. It’s a clear, easy to use and stable e-mail program which is certainly worth to give it a try if you are looking for another program.



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