How To Use YouTube Video Editor

You have nice movie and you want to cut some failed pieces of your own mini movie. Then you can manage well with the YouTube editor. YouTube made an option to edit easy uploaded videos online. Previously it was so that if you wanted to edit an existing video you should download the video first, then edit in a separate program and then you had to upload it again. With this new YouTube editor, you don’t have to do this anymore, you just edit your video online. A big advantage is that the video ID with the same statistics and reactions remains and the links to videos keeps working.

YouTube began in 2007 even with an online video editor, Remixer, which worked basically on Adobe Premiere Express, but it had only a short life.


Sign in to YouTube and go to your video and click the Edit Video button below the video. You can also push the Video Edit button at the top of the page. Another option is to go straight to the editor
After clicking the button, the editor and you can start editing your video. There are options such as rotating, adding audio, cropping and adding a range of effects. There is also a button I’m feeling lucky known from the search engine. However, what the button does is automatically adjust exposure and color. By clicking theRestore button brings the video back to original. A video can also be saved as a new video so you can try out different versions.


One of the most often used feature is video cropping. First thing you have to do it drag and drop the video into the video editing section, that shows as a video icon. When you move with you mouse over the time line, you see a scissor icon. When you click on it, you will see an edit dialog and you can take the in and out points of the clip. Just drag the line, the outer lines will be removed.


Merging two video’s to each other is also easy with YouTube Video Editor, just drag and drop two video’s to the edit section. YouTube has his video length limit so keep in mind that your video will not be too long.

Add Audio

You have a nice video but want to add some music, it’s just easy to add your favorite music to the video. YouTube Video Editor has an Audioswap that can remove the original sounds and add a new music file. You can access it by pressing the Audio tab of the YouTube Video Editor . Keep in mind: you can add only one song so think about the choice before you choose.

Publish your video

Once you’re finished with editing you can publish your video pressing the Publish button, it  can take a couple of minutes before it is published.





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