How to use ftp uploading files

You have a website and you  have to upload files, easiest way to do is by File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Many webmasters use FTP for uploading their websites files on their hosting accounts. How do you start sharing files and allow other people to get it?

You can use a web browser to connect to FTP addresses, same way you connect to HTTP addresses. It’s easy to browse large directories, read and to find files using a web browser for FTP transfers. Web browsers  have comprehensive Internet tools that allow you to do everything you need to do on the Internet. Additional to browsing the World Wide Web, you are able to use  the  (FTP). There are different types of connection: FTPAnonymous FTP access, User name required and User name + password

Some software for building a website, like Microsoft Publisher and Dreamweaver, have a build in web server to upload files to your website. Otherwise you need FTP server software which allows you to serve files over the Internet, much like a Web server software that allows you to serve Web pages. Some FTP software for easy using are Fillezilla, WS_FTP, Cute FTP and Core FTP

When you first launch the FTP program, a startup screen will appear. You simply fill in the information were indicated with the following information:

  • Profile Name –  Select your profile name according to your domain. For example, you can use xxx
  • Host Name/Address – Your domain name address, for example
  • Host Type – The type of server in which your website is hosted. The standard is Unix.
  • User ID – Your hosting User ID
  • Password – Your hosting password.
Below you see an example using Filezilla, others software have maybe some other looks.

Once you are at the ftp site, you will see that it works pretty intuitively. You just click once on a folder to open it or click once on a file to download it. If you want to upload a file, for example to your own account, you can use drag and drop (literally drag the files) to transfer them, you can also drag and drop from your desktop to your FTP software.

On the left side you see your local directory and the right side the remote site. Standard remote directory is public_html. Now just select one or more files on you local directory to upload and move it to the server directory. Now you can send all your files to your web server and share your site with others.

Once you did uploading your files you have to change the File PermissionsFile Permissions affect the capability of users or group of users to Read, Write or Execute files. They define who or what they can read , write or execute the files or directories. Different files need different file permissions to do the work they are programmed to do. Just right-click the mouse, select File Permission. An interface would pop-up asking for the required File Permissions. Fill the box with the required File Permissions. If you are changing the File Permissions of a directory, choose the option “Recurse into Subdirectories“and then select the preferred sub-options. Owner permissions are Read, write and execute, otherwise you can’t change you files anymore, group and public permissions set it to read