How To Use Avira Antivirus

Avira is today one of the better scanners, it’s very simple to use and secure. Avira is modular means that it contains several separate tools each with their own purpose and operation. So you do not have to worry anymore if you receive an e-mail. Also surfing on the internet is safer. To make you more convinced, Avira updates regularly to make it a solid product. Downloading is very easy and it requires only 18 MB disk space.


How to use Antivir

Normally Antivir runs already, if you’re not sure you can check the red icon with white umbrella in the system tray. When you double-click on that icon the main window will open, it makes maybe confusing because you see a lot of text with a lot of technical terms. Actually, it’s not so difficult as it looks like and it is easy to learn.

The first tab in the main window shows if the Guard is active. Its shows also the last time you made a full system scan and the last update. For the rest you can see here the vadility of your license but this is not important if you are using a free version.

In the other tabs you can control Avira. You can see what the Guard is doing, how many virusses are in quarantine en if you have some tasks open. You can also scan certain disks and folders. It looks all very simple. As default the scheduled scan will be done daily, also the updates. You have the option to change the scheduled scan and updates. You have an overview of the found virusses and if the update are done succesfully. The virusses which are found you can see in quarantine.

The guard is a live scan which checks all the changes in your computer memory and file system and will be monitored and controlled. If a suspicious act occurs, the Guard will do his job. 90% of the detections will be placed in quarantine, some of then can be very harmless and some of them are totally not suspicious.

Some people is the quarantine very confusing, they are thinking if the virus is still on the computer or not. Telling the truth it’s still on the computer but disabled. Quarantine is a kind of buffer before it will be removed from the computer. There are virusses, spyware, trojans or worms which can’t be removed easily, the reason is they are very well developed.

This free anti spyware software you can compare with Microsoft Security Essentials, AVG, Ad-Aware and Avast. The free version of Avira provides real-time protection with automatic updates.




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