How To Unblock Websites Using Ultrasurf Proxy

One of the best solutions to unblock websites and browse the internet anonymous is using Ultrasurf. This is a secure way to unlock any kind of filters and firewalls to browse anything you want. Easy way to breakthrough in countries where the government put a cyber wall so people see only filtered information and can’t reach every website on the internet. Some offices and schools doesn’t allow to connect to all websites, Ultrasurf let you access websites like Facebook, Gmail, YouTube etc. Ultrasurf is fast and it takes no time to connect to remote server. Ultra surf is simple to use and in one cli ck start the application, so it does not take much time to load and to surf anonymously.Ultrasurf has only servers located over the US. There is no installation needed, just download the Zip file and save it on your hard disk or memory stick.

What is a proxy server?

A proxy server, also known as proxy, is a server that is located between your computer and the website where you can find the information. If someone using a proxy,  it doesn’t connect directly to the internet, but through another computer. This can be useful sometimes if somebody wants to hide his IP address.

How to use Ultrasurf

First download Ultrasurf and unzip the file on your hard disk, for example desktop so you can easy open Ultrasurf or save it on your memory stick to use it on any computer you want. No installation needed, open the executable file that runs Ultrasurf, called u1016.exe.

Note: Some antivirus programs warns you that ultrasurf is a virus or trojan but it´s not really true, only be aware if you get this kind of alerts.

Double-click the Ultrasurf executable file and the program will start. Now you have to make some changes in the settings. Select options, a pop-up window will open. Here you can select some options, change the default settings if you want. Select Proxy setting and enable Auto detect proxy.

If you are behind proxy, you will be required to make changes in the settings to connect Ultrasurf to it’s server. Maybe you have to change the proxy settings if your office or college offers an IIS proxy, select manual proxy settings and enter the server settings.

If you are using Internet Explorer or Google Chrome you can open the browsers already, Ultrasurf made the changes of your browser. Now you can start browsing using a proxy. When you shutdown Ultrasurf and open the web browser again, you can browse the internet without a proxy.

Mozilla Firefox users have to do it manually, i will explain in a few steps how to change Firefox for using a proxy:

  • Click on the Tools menu and click on Options. Go to the Advanced tab and click on the Network tab.
  • Select the Settings tab and select Manual proxy configuration. Type in the box beside HTTP proxy and in the box Port 9666.
  • Below you select the box Use this proxy for all protocols. 
  • Click OK and again OK and refresh your browser by pressing F5.

Now you can surf the internet using a proxy with Firefox. If you want to browse without a proxy then select No proxy in the connection settings and refresh your browser.







2 comments for “How To Unblock Websites Using Ultrasurf Proxy

  1. David
    July 9, 2012 at 9:20 pm

    From my experience proxies are not very reliable and kind of slow. VPN services tend to do a better job overall and are somewhat more safe. I`m using this one for some time now:, it`s pretty fast and user friendly.

    • dadwhiskers
      September 6, 2012 at 5:11 am

      It is unlikely your VNP will be as secure as either Ultrasurf or UltraVNC, which are by the same people. For those who are curious, go to the Ultrasurf Website and do extensive surfing on the subject. There are many issues, and much to be learned. Combinations of Ultrasurf and JonDonym or Ultrasurf and AdvOR are excellent solutions. Better than any other solution other than possibly using all three of the above simultaneously. Ultrasurf anonymizes only the browser. UltraVNC anonymizes the entire computer and all connections it makes. The security issue with typical VNCs is that though the data is encrypted, they can be traced back to the user, and are not specifically designed to circumvent government censorship of internet usage. Though yours may be so designed, Ultrasurf has been around quite a while and rigorously developed.

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