How To Start Social Media

The Social Media is very important for us, it doesn’t need any explanation. In the past, sometimes people thought the hype would be flying over, it’s a trend that more and more deeply rooted in our society. We have to do something with Social Media? I can not answer that question for you, but if you want to do business after 5 years or more, it is really recommended. And no one realizes, we all do something with social media, we are twittering all day, sharing good and bad on Facebook, upload a video of the first steps of your little baby. In short, everybody likes to do it. It’s more different when you want to do something with social media for your business or organization .

The tools to use

Okay, we are all convinced with the impact of social media, what now? This depends on your type of organization, but it is important to focus on one target when you use the social media. In determining your target the audience is an important role. A lot of preparation, which has nothing to do with social media.

The most commonly tools for everyone in the social media are Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin and blog. When you’re selecting your tools, you need to know where you can find you’re (potential) customers.
In the new business, it is no longer about what you sell. You have to know why you’re making and doing it, what motivates you? So think about that when you set up your profile. In each platform, you can fill in your bio, about who you are and what you are doing. Think hard about it!

In most social media channels, it is important that you are social. So do not place only sales messages on your post! It’s also depending on the choice of logo or picture. I prefer the follow/like links instead of online companies, and i think more people wants that. If you don’t choose to use your logo, put at least your name in the definition, so we know who’s behind the picture is.

How to start

First make sure that your profile is complete, put your photo. Remember what knowledge you want to share, make strategic choices.
The next steps might be:

  •  Watch and listen -> what do others?
  •  Look around what others will say about your brand, your product or service.
  •  Look at your competitors, what they do good or not good.
  •  Don’t do all channels at the same time. It takes time to listen carefully, better invest in one good channel than four half ones.
  •  After one month or three you can estimate what you will use. Get more customers, likes or followers? Did they already order with you? Saves you the cost?
  • Also include your colleagues in the process, preferably not hiring a student or temporary worker! They don’t know the core of your business.