How To Run Android Apps on Your Windows PC

Android has quickly become the most widely used mobile operating system. The applications for Android are often of high quality and it’s possible to run the software on your computer. Through the BlueStacks Android App Player you can run Android apps on your PC.

Smartphones en tablets will be used more and more and also the applications are getting dependent. Like for example a game which you can run on Android but not on your computer, with BlueStacks Android App Player you can run it on your computer. BlueStacks App Player is a virtual machine for Android programs playing on your PC, so the program thinks it’s running on an Android but it is running on the computer.

The BlueStacks App Player you can download from the BlueStacks website. Start the installation program and follow the instructions to complete the installation. Remember that the App Player is still in an early development phase, so you can expect to have some performance issues. Once you installed the application, you will see a short video about the operation and main features. It wont show all the features but at least it helps you to make a start. It will run at the same time as you boot your computer and you will see an icon in the system tray. If you don’t want to run this application at the same time with booting your computer, you can disable it in you MsConfig tool. The App Player is a small program and doesn’t need a lot of disk space. Once it is connected it will check for updates from their website.

Add applications to BlueStacks

BlueStacks Player App will start virtually every Android app in Windows 7 and there are already 10 applications included. But you can also add more applications. There are 2 ways to add applications:

  • Synchronize the application from your phone with BlueStacks for your computer. To do this download BlueStacks Cloud Connect and install in on your phone and select the application that you want to run on your computer. After installing Cloud Connect to your phone, the software asks for a PIN. Go from your PC to the website and connect your computer through Facebook with the service.
  • Copy an Apk-file to the executable file HD-ApkHandler, go to the folder  the folder Program Files –> BlueStacks and choose HD-ApkHandler.exe. To let this work you download the Apk file which you want to use, drag and drop it to the HD-ApkHandler.exe. You can also right-mouse-click on the downloaded Apk file and select Open with and select the executable file Program Files –> Blue Stacks –> HD-ApkHandler.exe. To make it easier to find the executable file is making a shortcut of the HD-ApkHandler.exe on your desktop.

So far Blue Stacks runs only on Windows 7, but there comes also versions for Mac and Linux users. Also paid applications can’t be used, this is a feature of the Pro version.

BlueStack App Player demo


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