How To Remove From Your Computer?

You have downloaded a shareware or freeware software and at the same time installed It will be your first search engine and your start page and many don’t want those changes.

What is

It’s a search engine which is trying to make a competition against Google. Well, there is already a big competition between many search engines, also between Google and Yahoo. Making a benefit is for everybody a goal, but everybody should choose by themself which search engine and start page they want. The bad thing with is, that you’re downloading software and not be aware installing something from them. There is an option during setup to uncheck the installation of toolbar. But still it happens to some people that they install on their computer without their own knowledge.
Once is installed on your computer and you open your browser, you don’t see your own favorite start page anymore, instead of that you see their start page. Also there is the Ask. com search bar, and no more the icon of your favorite search engine. I’m not sure with other browsers, but at least for the browsers Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.


After you installed the newly programs, maybe you’re not satisfied, in that case you can use System Restore  in the hope that both, the downloaded program and thoroughly will be removed. If it’s not removed or you don’t have a recovery point than you can do the following procedure.

Windows XP:

Go in the Start menu to the Control Panel, then select Add/Remove Programs. Now you see a list of installed software. Probably you see 2 programs, you have to delete  them both. Select the program with the Ask logo and the text Ask Toolbar and click Change/Remove.

Vista/Windows 7:

Go in the Start menu to the Control Panel, under the Programs icon, select Uninstall a program. Now you see a list of installed software. Select the program with the Ask logo and the text Ask Toolbar and click Change/Remove.

To be sure if it is removed, use CCleaner, use it in the advanced mode, to remove any remaining what is still left on your computer. Give your CCleaner command to Analysis and Removal and scan the Registry for problems.

Next step is to restart your computer and change the settings in the browsers.


To change the Startpage: go to Tools –> Options and change it to your default page.

To remove Toolbar: Click Tools on the top of Mozilla Firefox window.  Click the Add-ons to open the toolbar list. Select the Ask toolbar and click Disable or Uninstall button to disable or remove it completely.

Internet Explorer:

To change the Startpage: go to Tools –> Internet Options and change it to your default page.

To remove Toolbar: Go to Start, click Run. Type in appwiz.cpl in run prompt, and then click OK. This will open Add remove programs in XP and Program and Features in vista. Under the list of installed programs, locate and click Ask Toolbar and select to Remove it.

Google Chrome:

Click on Google Chrome customize and manage right on top of the browser and select Basic Settings and change it to your default page.

If it’s still not removed you can try Multi-Toolbar Remover but this is only working with older versions of


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