How To Protect Your Computer Against Malware

Malware means malicious software and it’s the term for malicious software. Malware can infect the system and attract other malware, turn off the virus scanner and the firewall, make the computer or internet connection slower, crashes the BSOD (Blue Screen Of death). Consequences of malware are the annoying pop-ups, toolbars and the modified homepage, called browser hijackers.

Where are actually the viruses and infections come from? There are lots of games and software free to download, everybody have done that already many times. While installing the malware comes together. So when you’re downloading and installing software/games you get the malware for free.

What to do against malware

Take care of what you’re downloading and installing, better scan it first with anti-malware program before installing it. If you have a good anti-virus on your PC it will scan before installing, also you can do it when you click with your right mouse button on the file and select scan with…

There are also emails with malware, most of them are offers. Don’t open them right away, use the scan option first.

If you get a warning on your PC from the anti-virus software, don’t ignore the warning but remove the virus. Mostly malware are on torrent sites. Most of the free software what you’re downloading on those torrent sites costs normally hundreds of dollars in the stores, keep in mind there must be something wrong.

Install anti-keylogger, this protects you against keyloggers. This malware records your personal passwords what you type. Most of the Anti-virus software includes anti-keylogger.

Enable Firewall, windows and all the anti-virus software have it already standard in the package. It protects you against outsiders accessing your PC. Another option is using ZoneAlarm.

To protect yourself with a good anti-virus software on your PC and keep it up to date. Every day new viruses showing up and the software developers are always busy to keep the database up to date. Set the anti-virus software to automatic updating so you will have always the latest virus database.

Don’t forget to keep your operating system up to date, its helps also to protect your PC against malware, it has the latest Internet security and privacy threats.

Type of viruses:

  • Computer virus
  • Backdoor
  • IRCbot
  • Adware
  • Spyware
  • Keylogger
  • Tracking Cookie
  • Rogueware
  • Trojan horse
  • Dropper
  • Dialer
  • Rootkit
  • Boot Sector Virus
  • Browser Hijacker
  • Computer worm

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