How to make your signal stronger for your Smart Bro, Globe Tattoo and Sun usb modem

Portable usb modems are easy to use anywhere you are.  Smart Telecom, Globe Telecom, and Sun Telecom offering broadband plug-it modems. You can plug it in the usb port of your laptop or desktop, install the software and you have  an internet connection. Those modems are using the wireless 3G or UMTS technology. The Philippines is one of the first countries in Southeast Asia starting with this technology thanks to the 7100 islands. Not all the areas has a good RSSI signal. RSSI means Received Signal Strength Indication, is a measurement of the power present in a received radio signal. If  the RSSI signal is stronger, the speed of your internet is also faster.  Smart Bro has a better covering area compared to Sun and Globe outside Metro Manila. Depending on many factors the signal is good or bad. First of all the distance to the base station of the internet service providers. A distance up to 200 meters gives no problem but a distance of 2 km or with obstructions for sure you have troubles. There are solutions to solve your low signal…

Higher elevation and place your modem outside for sure you have a better signal. Other thing is make an antenna., do the same way as  satellite tv, make a satellite dish. You can make that simple and cheap to use a plate or like i did use the front cover of an electric fan. Cover it all with aluminium foil and place you usb modem in the middle of plate. Buy a USB extension cable with a length of 3 meters or longer with or without a signal booster, place your antenna outside your house towards the base station. Try to minimize the obstructions like trees or walls, I’m sure you have a much stronger signal.

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