How To Make My Computer Faster

Check for viruses and spyware

Malware and spyware are known to slow down the computer immense. You can get malware or spyware by downloading hacked programs and by opening an email that contains a virus. Depending on the type of malicious software is removing  a difficult task. To protect you from malicious software infections is a good antivirus + anti-spyware program very necessary. Use a professional antivirus program for optimal protection. Kaspersky, AVG, Mc Affee and Norton are good but not for free, Avira is a good free antivirus software.

Update System Drivers

Your computer has different hardware components that need to have up-to-date drivers software . These drivers are necessary for good communication with the Windows operating system. Of course these software drivers become outdated and may also slow down your PC and get the annoying error. For removing outdated drivers you can use Driver Management software. Driver Manager is the small size software and free to download.

Clean up Windows Registry

Often you´re removing old software and install new software on your PC, but it pollutes the internal Windows Registry. This gives your PC also error messages when using applications and slows your computer drastically. So cleaning your Windows Registry is a must to make the lifetime of your PC longer. To maintain this we have to clean up the register.
To do this you can use a free Windows Registry Scan, which seeks if there are retarded and / or errors in the Windows Registry. Additionally, you can clean the registry with a registry cleaner, a program specializing in cleaning up and repairing the registry. Ccleaner is a free software to use, it cleans the register but also removes temporary files and history.

Defragment Hard Drive

The hard disk is used for storing various data and programs. The hard drive is also partly used as virtual memory. So avoid unwanted programs or data on your hard disk and remove all unnecessary data. There is already a defragmentation program installed by default  on your PC. Defragmentation organizes all the data on your hard disk so reading and writing will be faster and more efficiently.

Updating Windows

When buying a new PC, Windows operating system is installed as standard with all kinds of software services. The majority of these services is not used by the ordinary man,  because they are intended for a particular type of computer use. For example, a computer software developer regularly use other programs than an ordinary person. Some services are not necessary, you can disable these unnecessary services. To fix this, adjust the default configuration of Windows.



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