How To Forward Selected Messages From My Gmail Account

If you have a Gmail account and you wish to forward some selected messages to another account, it is easy to do. You can do it all for free, so no costs will be involved.

To do this fist log in to your Google account and go to settings, you can find  this on the Right upper corner.
In this settings window you can change a lot like the language,

add pictures, signatures, changing password or the theme. Make sure you turned on the keyboard shortcut.

If you want to forward all your email  messages you can go to the tab Forwarding and POP/IMAP and select Add a forwarding address. Enter here the email addresses and all the emails will be forwarded to that account. To use for example Gmail in outlook, there is an option to keep the emails on the server or delete it in outlook.

To forward selected messages you have to go to the Filter tab. You will see probably nothing yet, because you haven’t made a filter yet. Now click on Create a new filter and you will see something like below…


Now you can make a filter of certain email addresses in the From box. In the To box you can select the email address where you want to forward to. It’s also possible to choose a certain subject, this you can do in the Subject box. If you  want to forward emails with certain keywords, fill in the box Has the words the keywords you want to use. For example you can fill in a special word that contains in several messages.

Actually that is all what you have to do to forward selected emails.

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