How to earn some money with Treasure Trooper

One of the oldest and most well-known gpt sites is There are many scams in the GPT industry and it’s always hard to find a good and legitimate GPT site you can rely on. Treasure Trooper is not a scamsite, it’s all legit. This is a website that gives you several money-making opportunities. In a few seconds you can register for free and then you can start make money right away. Here is how you can make money with Treasure Trooper:

You start to register for free
Sign up with Treasure Trooper for free by providing simple information like your name, email address, password, and payment information. After you sign up check your email and you will have an email which you can confirm.

Complete offers
This is how you actually make money on Treasure Trooper. They have hundreds of offers which you can complete and get paid for, most of their offers are free. But they also do have offer that require credit cards with higher payouts. Offers include paid surveys, subscribing for free newsletters and websites, shopping, playing games and etc. Depending on the offer you can get paid anywhere from $.50 to $50.00.

Refer your friends
With Treasure Trooper can you also earn more money if you refer others. Each person you subscribe, you earn 20% of what they earn and if they refer someone too, you get 5% commission from what those members earn on Treasure Trooper.

Get paid
Once your completed offers are approved, your account gets credited. And once you have a minimum of $20, you can request a payment. The payments are usually processed on the 15th of the  month and are sent to you at least on  the 20th of the same month. Of course, if you don’t reach the minimum required for cashing out, it will be added to your next months balance.


You can sign up for free in Treasure Trooper..



Don’t think you earn thousands dollars a month, but at least you can earn some extra money for a nice living.


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