How To Download YouTube Videos

Millions of videos are available on YouTube and for sure you saw some videos you like to save on your computer. YouTube is a very popular website where you can upload, watch and share videos for free. Downloading a video on the YouTube website is not possible. There are some other ways to download a video in a format you want. Actually, the videos on YouTube are Flash (flv) format files. When you upload an Avi file, it will be converted into Flv format, and when you download the file you will have a flash file. To watch those videos you need  a player which can read Flv formats. Media Player Classic and FLV Player can play Flv formats. There are several options to download YouTube videos:

  • Through a website, you copy the Url of the video to that website.
  • Through a simple application on your computer.
  • Through a plugin in Firefox.

Download a video through a website

There are many websites where you can download your YouTube video, is one of those websites. Beside YouTube it can convert also Metacafe, Ifilm, Grouper Apple trailers Myspace, Google Video, Revver, PutFile and Dailymotion. The only thing you have to do is copy the URL and paste it in Zamzar. You have an option to choose in different formats to get the video, Zamzar will convert the video for you. The formats are mpg, flv, gvi, gp, avi, mov, ipod, rmvb, m4v,  mp4,  ogg, rm,  wmv and vob. The best format is Avi, most of the stand alone DVD players can play this format. The videos you want to download or convert will be sent to your email address. It’s also possible to convert a video from your hard disk.

5 steps to download with Zamzar:

  1. Copy and paste url.
  2. Choose format to convert to.
  3. Enter your email address.
  4. Click convert
  5. Check email and save your file.

    Some other websites:

Another way to get your video is when you’re in YouTube and watching a video and you like to download it, enter in the address bar SAVE or PWN in front of YouTube, for example or

Download a video through an Application

A simple application to  download videos is Freecorder YouTube Downloader. It will install a toolbar in your browser and from there you can simple download a video in 2 clicks. Once you install this application you will see on top of your browser the Freecorder toolbar. Go to YouTube and search your video, then click the YouTube button and select the File format you prefer. Now it starts to download and after a couple of minutes, depending on your internet speed, you can watch the video from your hard disk. To watch this format video you need a FLV player.



Some other applications:

  • clipgrab
  • Tubulator

Download a video through a Firefox plugin

Firefox has plugins to make it possible to download Videos from YouTube or other websites. With this kind of plugin it makes it possible to download a video in one click while surfing on those sites.

There are many options to download your video. If you don’t want to install any application, you could choose to download through a website. It keeps your computer clean. Using an application makes it possible to get your video in a simple click.



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