How To Download Free Movies With UTorrent

UTorrent is small application, around 1 MB, for downloading movies, music, applications etc. using BitTorrent. BitTorrent is mainly used for sharing large files like movies, software and games. It’s a P2P ( peer-to-peer) system that connects computers to each other. UTorrent has 2 versions, the free and the Pro version. The Pro version has extra features like antivirus, media player and a converter and costs $24.95 a year. If you don’t need those extra features you can download the free version of uTorrent.


Once you downloaded the application, you can install it in the folder where you like to save uTorrent. It’s an .exe file and windows will ask you if you are sure you want to install it because it could have some viruses. Just allow and click on install. I will not tell more details about the installation because it not so difficult. It’s asking you if you want to install a toolbar, it’s not necessary but if you want to install the toolbar then click yes. UTorrent has multiple languages, you can choose you native language.

Once you open uTorrent, you see the main screen. If you want you can change the default folder for your downloaded files. The default is documents/Downloads, if you want to change the folder go to Options –> Preferences–> Directories and enable Put new downloads in and select the folder you want to save your files. You can also change the completed download files in a separate folder, just enable Move completed downloads to and select the folder. You can change more settings but it is not really necessary. Now it’s ready to find movies, music or applications to download.

The easiest way to find files is using BitTorrent networks, some of those sites are not legal. Be aware when you go to those sites. In many countries is using torrents to download copyrighted material against the law. If you want to download from these sites, you just search the name of the movie. Select the .torrent movie, and if you have uTorrent correctly installed, then your file should automatically open here. is a website you can search files, movies or music. Just type in the search bar the title and beside the search bar you have the options to search different websites like Bt Junkie, Mininova etc.

Important to know in the results is  to know the number of seeds and peers. The more the better, because the number of seeds are the number of people uploading the file. If there are more seeds than your download is much faster. If the seed is only 0 or 1, it will give you a hard time to download the file. A Peer/Leech is the number of people who are downloading the file. A new released file has a large number of peers. When you press the arrow you can start downloading, if the seeds and the peers has a high number, your file will download very fast.

Once you found what you’re looking for click on the name and in the next window select the download button and uTorrent will start to download the file. You can download more than one files at the same time, but your connection speed will reduce.

Another way to find files is just type in the search bar in uTorrent the name you’re looking for and beside the search bar choose mininova or BitTorrent, if you want you can also add more sites.

In the system tray you see an Icon of uTorrent and when you right-click on it you will see more information about seeding and the number of downloads. When you close uTorrent you can see it still in the system tray, if you want to stop the whole application you right-click the mouse and select exit, uTorrent will stop including the downloading. When you open it on another time you continue downloading.

If you are downloading a file and want to remove that file in your list just click the remove button.




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    hey can you please download utorrent for me and download any good music that i like and then download new movies so that i can watch it thank you very much.

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