How To Disable Facebook Photo Viewer And Use Classic View

Time by time Facebook comes with new features, some are useful and some you prefer to go back to the old fashion way. Sometimes there are no options to switch back to the old interface, same with the Facebook Photo Viewer. Facebook is using a Google+ Photo Viewer, this will open a black box and beside the picture you see the comments. Many users complaining already but Facebook didn’t give you any choice than using the new interface.

Using the classic viewer to watch photos in Facebook

There are tricks to go back to the classic viewer instead of using the new Photo Viewer in a pop-up window. 4 tricks to go back to the classic view:

  • While you are using the new Photo Viewer interface press the F5 button or refresh the page with your browser button. Once you refresh your page you should be back in the classic mode.
  • Another way to go back to the classic mode is removing the string &theater in the address bar, you will see it at the end of the url. Remove this string and press enter .
  • Open the photo in a new tab or a new window, it will show also in classic mode.
  • The last trick is almost the same as the third, when you want to watch a photo hold the CTRL key and click on the photo.

How to Disable Facebook Photo Viewer, thanks to labnol.


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