How To Configure A Tor Bridge

Tor Bridge is a way to let people browse with no restrictions from censored countries. The more people run relays, the faster and more secure the Tor network will be. Starting a Bridge is different from a relays. A relay can be also an Exit node, which means that you will be listed in the Tor directory and your IP address will not be shown. If you don’t want to be listed than is Bridge a good option. A Tor network has 3 shells, the first shell is the entry for the user, the second shell is between the first and the Exit node, the last shell is the Exit node. The bridge is a non-exit node. Be aware when you start a proxy, that in many countries it’s illegal  and also some Internet Service Provider doesn’t allow users starting a proxy. Another thing to keep in mind is when you run a Tor Bridge your internet speed will decrease. To run a bridge you need at least 20 kilobytes/second bandwidth.

Starting a Tor Bridge

If you haven’t downloaded Vidalia yet, you can do it here. Start Vidalia and wait until it is connected to the network, click on Setup relaying, a new window will open, then click on Sharing and select Help censored users to reach the Tor network. Choose a nickname and below the nickname you can enter more information, like email address, but this is only optional. Change the default port into 1024 for Os X and Linux/Unix. Select also Attempt to automatically configure port forwarding. Push the test button and it should work now. If you have still problems, change the firewall/router settings in your router, you have to create a forwarding rule. In the tab Bandwidth limits you can change the bandwidth you are using. The tab Exit Policies is only available when you run Tor as a relay. You don’t need to turn your computer all the time, Tor Directory will check if your online or not. Also you don’t need a static IP address.

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