Hide Advertisements While Watching YouTube With Turn Off The Lights

When you are watching a video on YouTube or other websites there are beside the video annoying advertisements blinking, which can be very disturbing. Some people made a good idea and developed an extension for Chrome that can mute the light around the video.

The extension is named Turn off the lights, and you can download it from the Google web store. Click on the blue Add to Chrome button and the extension will install  in Chrome.

Add to Chrome

After the easy installation of Turn Off the Lights an icon appears right next to the address in Chrome. By right clicking the icon-lamp, the options are accessible.


When you right-mouse click on the icon a menu will show up, select Options to change some settings. The basic settings are already enough for the average user, but for those who want to have more functions there are more advanced settings. The option to automatically dim the background when you click on any play button is for everyone an advice.


There are many options to set, some are not so important, but something interesting is to adjust the transparency.

Turn Off the Lights is very easy to use, in one click you can turn it off and on. There is also an option to let this happen automatically, just run the video and the sides will be dark without doing a click. Chrome has many extension available in the store, maybe there are some available that are interesting for you.


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