Why Hackers Hack Your Computer


Hacker at workA hacker is someone who wants to crack your password and taking over your account. Hackers are people who have simply a great knowledge of computers, and with their knowledge able to detect the weakness in the system and try to make use of it on a wrong way.

If your computer has been hacked, someone has burgled into your computer. A computer without proper protection is extremely vulnerable and can be hacked very easy. That’s why it’s very important to have a good protection with antivirus software and keep it always up-to-date.

Hackers are trying to hack your computer to steal or perform some illegal business, they do it for various reasons:

  • The hacker wants get the passwords of the owner of the computer, then try to access bank accounts or steal things from websites of that user.
  • The hacked computer can be used to put secretly some illegal files, this could be illegal software, documents or pornography. In this way the thief has no risk to get into problems with the justice, only the user of the computer is the victim.
  • They want to use it for sending advertising messages widely. Sending mass messages is a kind of spam and that is illegal, the computer which is sending mass message will be punished.Computer hacked!
  • There are also some hackers who wants to it for fun, they just like to remove files from your computer or even more worse they like to make the whole hard drive empty, so the user has to install again the operating system including all the software.

There are also hackers hired by companies, they are not illegal. They are hired to help to develop computer systems and antivirus software to make a better protection. In this way companies will know the weak parts of their system. Actually, hackers are people with a lot of knowledge associated with illegal work. Not all hackers are criminals, some are helping to find solutions to give computers a better protection.

Hacker DetectedIt is very important to have to good protection on your computer. Use a good firewall, spyware and antivirus software, scan your computer regularly. Be carefull with downloading software from the internet, illegal software includes mostly a virus installer. Be aware of unknown attachments in emails.

Many paid antivirus software are available in different price range, which gives a full protection with features such as anti-spyware, spam filter, anti rootkit, antivirus, link scanner, firewall, online shield and much more. There are also many free antivirus available to have at least a protection. Some of them are Ad-aware, Avast, Bitdefender, Microsoft Security Essentials and AVG. Most of the antivirus providers offering a free version, so there are no reasons to say it costs money for a protection. For everyone is antivirus available.





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