Google Wants To Make Password Generator For Users

Google is now trying to find a new way to generate strong passwords for websites and to save them. Google wants if you enter a website where the user has to enter a password, there will be placed an icon beside the password field. In one press on the icon the password will be entered and asking if it has to be saved. Google provides the option to generate a random password. The password will be stored by Chrome, for that purpose should be used Chrome as default browser.

Google wants this tool because forgetting the password is the best protection against phishing. This is one reason that Google works on a password manager for its Chrome browser, which makes it possible for users not to remember passwords anymore. Passwords are a poor form of authentication according to Google. People often use the same password and they are to identify by phishing and malware.

That all passwords are stored within a Google Chrome account is a risk for Google but indicates that all passwords can be changed automatically if needed. It is not yet known when the password generator will be added in Google Chrome. Google indicates that it will not be required to make use of it.

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