Google Earth 6.2 New Features

Google Earth has launched an update to version 6.2. The new version offers higher quality images, which look a lot better and the images merging better into each other.

The first option in the menu you have the ability to take easily a screenshot of the screen and sharing it on Google +, and the image will be uploaded to the social network. Once its completed follows the well-known window where you choose the circles to share the screenshot, and of course you can add a message. It is also possible to share Street View images on Google +.

Google has changed the way it displays the images in Google Earth to make sure that the earth is now seen as a fluid whole, similar to what Microsoft has done a while ago with Bing Maps. The images in Google Earth were clearly taken on different dates, different times and under different light and weather conditions.

Besides the above additions, there are some minor improvements. First is the search function which is added Auto complete, it now works similar to Google Maps. Also the way the images are displayed has been changed, at last they added also transit, biking and walking directions to the application.



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