Google Chrome For Android Beta

Google has a new browser that is meant for Android devices. It’s only a Beta version so expect it will work 100% properly. As of now it’s only working for the latest version of Android.

Chrome for Android has some new features. Smart Suggestion makes it possible to load pages faster in your phone which you are using often. It also allows you to take over open tabs and bookmarks from your desktop. The browser has, same as the desktop version, a feature that it can synchronize certain things by logging in with your Google account. In this way you have always your favorite websites and open tabs regardless of what device you use.

Another feature is Link Preview, automatically zoom in on links when you click near a link. The feature is designed to prevent you accidentally open the wrong link.

Font Boosting ensures that you can read the text easily even when pages are reduced or enlarged. Same as Chrome for the desktop, Chrome for Android makes sure that searching, navigation and browsing will be done super fast. Chrome for Android uses the screen size, means that Chrome looks different on your phone than in Android. Chrome for Android is not just a copy of Chrome for desktop.

The browser is available for phones and tablets with version 4.0 of the mobile operating system “Ice Cream Sandwich”. The target users are not very large, it is estimated that at present 2 million devices using Android 4.0.

The beta version is for now only available in Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Australia, South Korea, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, the United Kingdom and of course in the United States.

Introducing Chrome for Android Beta


Chrome for Android Beta: The Basics


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