GetGlue: A Social Network For Entertainment

GetGlueEverybody knows about Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, those are the well-known Social networking sites. But there are also social networking sites that many people doesn’t know yet but a worth to try. One of them is GetGlue. It is a social network started in october 2008 by AdaptiveBlue. Its more about entertainment with categories such as Books, Movies and Games. You can add things by yourself in these categories but must be approved first by GetGlue. The nice thing about GetGlue is that it is focused on your interests. When you log-in you can find recommended Movies, Games and Music. It is a nice site, even though you can have only 1 or 2 friends. It is less social than Facebook and Twitter, but probably with more fun.

You can  visit GetGlue on the computer or Smartphone. Very useful is the mobile site which looks very simple but working well. When you do some things on GetGlue you will be rewarded with a of stickers some are easily unlocked, others you have to figure out how to unlock them. Adding Sticker and Check-in widget to your blog is an extra feature of GetGlue, just copy the code to your blog and share it with others.

How does it work

Very simply, by checking what you currently are doing like listening to music, read, watch TV or film. After check-in, you can specify which rate you want to give it and if you Like It, same as Facebook. At Foursquare you can earn badges, GetGlue sends you physical stickers.

Desktop version

GetGlue desktop

The desktop version of GetGlue is available at Once you have created an account and logged in, you will enter the homepage. Here you can see where you are checked in or you can easily check-in again. You will see a kind of timeline which includes:

  • A list of updates from you.
  • The subjects that you liked.
  • The people you have added as friends.
  • The stickers that you and your friends have received.
  • Recommended friends.

Be Aware, these recommended friends are selected by interests and mostly you don’t know these people, so be careful who you add!

At the top in the center is a Check-in button. If you click on it a pop-up window opens where you can search your Movies, Games or Music which you can check-in. Furthermore there are on the main page buttons such as Movies, Music and TV. If you click on it a new page will open where you can see the latest, popular and recommended movies at that time. The same goes with the other topics such as Music or TV.

Soon you’ll get your first sticker which you can make a physical sticker once you collected 20 of them. These stickers are very nice because they have something to do with your interests. On your profile page you can see your recent likes and stickers.

Smartphone version

GetGlue mobile

The GetGlue version on your Smartphone is a simple version compared to the desktop site. The mobile website is On the top of the screen is the Check-in button. If you click on it another pop-up window will open where you can fill in the name of the album or TV program. On the homepage you see Stream which is the timeline. When you click the Conversation button you see messages from other people who check-in the same things as you did. The recommended, new or popular films and albums you can find when pushing the Guides button. The Stickers button gives an overview of the stickers which you can get for a certain time (Limited stickers), the commonly used and your own stickers. In the Profile you can change your account partially, you have to go on your PC to GetGlue for more options.

GetGlue is a relatively unknown social network, but if you like to share interests and being rewarded, GetGlue is really a worth to try it. The stickers make it more fun and the shipping is free. If you want to delete your account you have to go to the Desktop website with your computer and click on your Profile photo and then click Settings and Delete Account.


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