Free internet browsing with Globe Tattoo prepaid usb modem using Ultrasurf

This is for Globe usb modem users who don’t have a fast internet connection. You can make your internet connection faster and also free if you use a proxy server. I will explain here step by step what you have to do. First of all make sure you use  an old sim card in your usb modem with a 1 peso load. now open your Globe Tattoo and go to Tools – Options – Profile Management. Then you make a new profile and you can use any name for your new profile.


  •   Profile name: any name
  • APN: Static
  • the access point is *99***1#
Save and click ok. Now you select your new profile and connect.
For using a faster internet you have to download Ultrasurf, after downloading this file you have to unzip and save it to your desktop. Now can open Ultrasurf…

 Follow the steps as shown above

  • Click on options – Proxy settings
  • set in manual settings
  • enter in the field proxy host  and in the field port  8080
  • Click on ok and close Ultraurf
Now open Ultrasurf again and wait untill its connected to the Server

After you run the Ultrasurf software you can open Internet Explorer or Google Chrome directly. Ultrasurf will  change the settings in the Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

Firefox users have to change some settings manually.
  • Go to options –  network
  • Set manually proxy settings HTTP proxy port 9666 and use this settings for all protocol
Now you can surf the internet faster but don’t think connection is much faster, still it depends on the area where you use Globe Tattoo and the distance to the base station but at least it helps.
To have a better signal with you Globe Tattoo modem  I will explain in the topic, how to make your signal stronger for your Smart Bro, Globe Tattoo and Sun usb modem.



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