Free internet browsing with Smart Bro prepaid usb modem using Ultrasurf

When you are connecting the internet with Smart Bro  prepaid usb modem you noticed many times you have a slow internet connection. But still your paying a big money to use the internet. There is a trick to solve this problem. Use a Smart Buddy or Talk ‘n Text sim card with at least 1 peso load on it and no more than 9 peso to work it out.

To get a free internet connection is to change some settings in the Smart GUI.

First open the Smart GUI, go to settings, network settings and add a new connection.

  • Give your new connection a name
  • number *99#
  • apn: internet instead of smartbro
If you are using a newer version of Smart Bro then you can’t change  the setting in this way, you have to do the next few steps
  • Go to the folder of Smart Bro in your directory ( standard is that C:\Program Files\SMART BRO
  • Look for the NetConfig.ini and right-click on it and open as notepad
  • change APN=smartbro into APN=internet

After this you have to download Ultrasurf. After downloading unzip and save it to your desktop. Now you can open Ultrasurf.

  • Click on options
  • set in manual settings
  • enter in the field proxy host  and in the field proxy port 8080. Click on ok and close Ultraurf
  • Now open Ultrasurf again and wait untill its connected to the Server
Now you can use the internet faster!
After you run the ultrasurf software you can open Internet Explorer or Google Chrome directly. Ultrasurf will  change the settings in the Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.
Firefox users have to change some settings manually.
  • Go to options –  network
  • Set manually proxy settings HTTP proxy port 9666 and use this settings for all protocol

Now you can surf the internet faster but don’t think connection is much faster, still it depends on the area where you use Smart Bro and the distance to the base station but at least it helps.

Still having problems connecting:

If you have done all above and still not connecting? Try this: Text ROAM ON to 333, you will receive a message regarding your load ballance is too low, you need at least P100.  Text now ROAM OFF to 333, unplug your modem a couple of minutes, then plugin the usb modem again, now you should be connected. Don’t forget to restart Ultrasurf.

To have a better signal with you Smart Bro modem  I will explain in the topic, how to make your signal stronger for your Smart Bro, Globe Tattoo and Sun usb modem.
You can also try instead of Ultrasurf using Tor Vidalia, This runs also good and there are websites that Ultrasurf can’t find but Tor still can.

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