What Is Foursquare And How To Use It

FoursquareFoursquare is an online platform which is based on locations. Foursquare users can use their Smartphone to check-in on a location so others know where you are. You can leave on that place tips and to-do’s, which may be visible to other users. You can get to know also nice places.

How to start

If you have a Smartphone, just look at Foursquare in the application store from your phone. For an Apple device is that the App Store, Android users the Android Store and for BlackBerry users is this the AppWorld. Install and run the Foursquare application. You can register using your Facebook account or with your email. Foursquare is same as GetGlue and Glitser completely free to use.


How does it work

The newer smartphones mostly have a built-in GPS. If that is enabled, foursquare can retrieve your GPS coordinates to your Smartphone. Then it is easy to know which locations are close to you in your area and you can check in at a location nearby and start collecting points and leave tips behind.

Be a Mayor

Foursquare features several nice gaming elements. When you are checking in regularly at a particular location you can be mayor, or you can push the existing mayor of his throne. Competition is guaranteed and as well you get as mayor in most places a special gift. Even if you’re mayor, you can not unlock specials. Some pubs gives for example the first drink free if you have checked in.


Foursquare badges

Besides the game element points you can earn Foursquare badges. These medals you can get when you unlock certain actions. If a user has checked in somewhere 10 times, then for example the badge adventurer will be unlocked. Besides the standard list of badges, Foursquare often introduces badges that can only be unlocked during special days like Christmas and New Year.


Each location (venue) can be claimed by the owner of this physical location. The owner of a venue has the possibility to create a Special, which includes a reward. A reward can be a 10% discount at every check-in or a free ice cream for the mayor. Rules for obtaining a reward from a Special are for example: 3 times check-in at the relevant location, or being Mayor of the location.

Compared to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+, Foursquare is a much smaller Social Media Network site but has over 10 million users and users checking in to businesses more than 3 million times per day. Foursquare is really nice and addicting to play.




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