How to use Microsoft Fix It Center To Solve Windows Problems

Microsoft Fix It CenterWindows 7 is one of the safest operating system Microsoft ever had, but still you can have problems with your operating system. Microsoft has developed a program to solve the most common problems in Windows using a tool that is downloadable under the name Fix It Center.


Download Microsoft Fix It Center

Microsoft Fix It Center

Download the program from the Microsoft website, it’s only a small tool and doesn’t need much disk space. During the installation you have to agree with the Microsoft Software License Terms. Depending on your internet speed it will take a couple of minutes to download the program. It will ask you to set up and personalize Microsoft fix it center for your computer, select Now and click on Next. Now the program will collect information about your computer.

Microsoft Fix It Center

The next screen will ask you to make a Microsoft Fix It account, decide by yourself what you want to do and click on Next. Now the program is asking you to allow for sending information from your computer to Microsoft Fix It Center, again make your choice. Click on Next and Finish to end the installation and Fix It will start.

Using Microsoft Fix It Center

A list of Windows components appears that may cause problems such as Aero, Internet Connection, Internet Explorer, display quality and peripherals (hardware and devices). Beside every component displays the Run button. Click to examine the specific component, such as display quality if you have problems with the display settings. Microsoft Fix it Center is asking to connect  the Internet to get the latest version. This is recommended because you will always get the most recent solutions. The program also offers the ability to detect and solve problems automatically. If you prefer to have more control over the changes, then choose Detect problems and let me select the fixes to apply.

Microsoft fix It Center

Click Run beside a problem category of your choice, and let Microsoft Fix It Center investigate your system.

The detected problems appears now on the screen. Microsoft Fix It Center offers options to solve them. You also get the opportunity to let Microsoft know whether a solution has helped. After checking an item it will return to the main Interface. You can see now in the Last Run column the date you have made these checks. Click Details to view the logs.

Microsoft Fix It Center


Fix It Center is not a program that can solve miracles, but it is certainly a help to go in the right direction to solve common problems. The same as all other utilities, keep in mind that you have to use Fix It it wisely to avoid interferences. If there are no problems, you don’t need to solve problems. Dont overuse Fix It Center, you can get more problems instead of solving them because the settings will be adjusted.


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