Facebook Timeline For Pages

Facebook logoFacebook is announcing that the look of Facebook pages will change starting from march 30 2012. It will change the new look drastically. The same happen last year with the personal profiles, now its time for the business pages. It possible to change already before this date, but after this date all pages will change. I made a list of  changes for your Facebook business page.

Profile Photo

Its possible to make a big profile picture of 851 x 315 pixels across the whole page and a small photo below left. On the big photo may not contain contact details, call to action or promotion. Its also not allowed to add things referring to Facebook such as the Like It and Share button.

Admin panel

If you are logged in the Facebook page you see at the top of your panel reports, statistics and a new Like It. This is not available for visitors.

Photos and tabs

The photos and additional tabs you can see below the head photo and you can select by yourselve in what order they will be displayed. You can choose by your selve which photos are most important and need a prominent place. With the old design all the photos were visible on the left side of the Facebook page. Now you can control by youselve which 3 tabs you want to feature. More tabs are displayed when you click on the number right beside the tabs.


Fans of your page you can directly send a message to you, the notifications of new messages will be displayed in your administration panel.


Same as the personal profiles, the Facebook business page will have a Timeline. In this timeline you can place posts or photos of important milestones in your business. With the Timeline moviemaker you can also make a movie of your photos.

Bulletin Board

You can pin your post, like Pinterest, on the main notice board so your visitors will see this as the first on your page. You can make your most favorite post bigger. The post will stay on top up to 7 days.

There are also some disadvanges:

No welcome page

Now every company has a nice homepage, Facebook will stop with this. Visitors enter right away on the Timeline, this means you have to be more creative to attrack visitors. The cover photo is a nice tool to attrack visitors.

The Like It and Share buttons are not allowed.

No more scrolling

Some people like to scroll before they start to add a message, with the timeline this will be more difficult.

Applications are hiding

Actually with the new Timeline, the application are more on the background. This is a pity because applications made Facebook very popular.




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