Embed Documents To Your Website Using Scribd

ScribdIf you want to offer your website visitors PDF documents, they need to download this first or viewing it in the browser using Adobe Reader. When you are using Google Chrome as the default browser, it contains a plugin for reading PDF files. Not only PDF documents, also Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OpenOffice.org documents can be viewed. Scribd is an alternative for this.

Scribd is a social media for document sharing, same as YouTube is for video sharing, Flickr for photos and Slideshare for sharing presentations. It gives you the ability to display documents easily on a website. This means that you don’t need special software to view PDF files. As a visitor you will be able to download the document and share. For webmasters there is the option to insert the document on a website.

Scribd belongs to the category of one-size-fits-all solutions. With this tool you can paste easily each type of document in a website or blog. File formats which are accepted: .

  • .doc (Microsoft Word).
  • . pdf (Adobe Acrobat).
  • . txt (Plain text).
  • . ppt (Microsoft PowerPoint).
  • . xls (Microsoft Excel).
  • . ps (Adobe Postscript).
  • . lit (MS Reader e-book).

Using Scribd

If you want to use this service you need a new account at scribd.com, joining is totally free. After signing up, you can start immediately uploading documents and insert them on your website. After uploading a document enter a title and description. By clicking on the document you will see the details. Here is the possibility to retrieve the code to insert the document on your website or blog. The code can be found at the bottom of the toolbar by clicking on the icon shown in the screenshot and then clicking on the item Embed. Place the code and the document is inserted.


In addition to uploading it is also possible to make use of the Slurping option. This means that you are using Scribd’s API. In that case you simply upload the document to your own website using the API to insert the document. Now you don’t need to do upload the documents external. Another important advantage is that the Flash format generates small files, so the web pages just keep loading fast. For owners of documents it is also possible to upload multiple documents. Even entire books can be distributed online…

Basketball Manual Very interesting are the number of features of Scribd that YouTube doesn’t have. Very special is searching words within documents. Furthermore, you can download the document in different formats such as PDF, Word and plain text. Even more spectacular is that you can also let it read or download as mp3 file. The voice sounds like a robot.

Interaction is very important for sites like Scribd and they really do their best. Users can vote for their contributions and leave comments. The statistics will be updated all the time. Similar documents are displayed in the sidebar and tags can be provided to documents. Users have the opportunity to zoom, scroll, embed, email and read the document in full screen. Beside Scribd there is a similar service from Adobe at Acrobat.com. Another simple way to add documents is using Google Docs.


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  1. Kim
    September 29, 2012 at 2:19 pm

    I have adobe reader app on my android.I want to have access to a scribd PDF file but cannot figure out how.

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