Earn money with YouTube

Actually, There are two ways to make money from YouTube. First, maintain a popular theme channel and then start to sell related accessories. An example of a group that earns money this way is “Epic Meal Time”. This group of friends has become very popular on YouTube with preparing and eating weird big meals. Have you ever thought that is possible? The success they earn money is to show a link to their website on YouTube videos , and sell for example T-shirts.

A simpler way to make money on YouTube is to earn from the ads shown in your videos. This means that you have to be a YouTube partner. YouTube will give you a portion of the advertising revenue for your videos. Unfortunately you will only be eligible to become an affiliate if you are really running a YouTube channel and have an audience for the advertisers. Worldwide there are thousands of people who earn enough in this way for a nice living.

What things you need to do to earn on YouTube.

  • YouTube account
  • An account with an affiliate network like ClickBank, PayPro, etc
  • A website or affiliate link
  • A video

To attract traffic to your website, make a video about a topic of your website or download a YouTube video regarding the niche of your website. Then place in the description of your video the link of your website. You have also the opportunity for additional traffic and a back link. For example if you have a website about bikes and you have a video about this market with the title: how to repair your bike? Then people search on YouTube for a video about it and then they found your video, chances are that they click on your link for more info.
If you don’t have a website,  you can do this the affiliate way. You put instead of the website link, your affiliate link in the description. So the viewers of your video will be sent directly to your affiliate product instead of your website. If people click on the affiliate link button and buy the product, you earn money.

There is a little work and time to start, you’ll also need to look what people search for products and what people are willing to buy. Do some research and get it a try! It costs nothing, just some time, and maybe you are lucky and you will earn extra cash!

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