Earn Money Online Uploading Photo

The Internet offers not only professional but also amateur photographers for photographers to easily make some money with their photos. Professionals can go to stock sites, websites where demand and supply of high quality photos to be linked. It works like this, photographers can upload their photos for free, and webmasters, designers, marketers and other interested parties, are able to view the photo’s and buy them. Every time when someone buys in such a stock photo site, the maker of the photograph, the photographer, receives a portion of the sales. A major advantage for photographers is, that on these stock sites every day thousands of interested people looking at pictures, and your photos can be sold to several people. Your earnings can be increase very fast. In stock sites is the quality very high. Before your photo will be added to the database, they inspect the photo first, and the percentage of rejection is usually very high. The other one are the Microstock sites. The quality requirements are less strict.

Well known Microsites are  Dreamtime and Shutterstock, these sites are the same as the stock sites, supply and demand, but they have lower quality requirements. The targeted people are the hobby photographers, but beware, even at Microstock sites they check your photos before submission. And certainly, the first time probably a lot of your photos will be rejected. Registering in Dreamtime and Shutterstock are for free.

How to start uploading photo’s

Before you can register to a Microstock site, you usually have to upload a few pictures first, and  they will review them. If, for example, 7 out of 10 photos are approved you can start. You get paid when someone buys your photo, the best way is to upload lots of photos, which are suitable for a large audience. Better not upload pictures of your own dog or cat, because not many people want to buy those photo’s.

Post your photos in a given category, with certain keywords that fit your article. If your photos has been sold (usually web designers), you get some of that money on your account. If you reached a certain minimum amount, you get paid. There are also some rules, your photo’s should not show brands or people without the permission of the owner or person.

What can i earn?

The earnings depending on several things. You can earn money by letting buyers register to a Microstock site. You will receive a percentage of the money that the buyer wants to spend for the photos. You can also attract other photographers, you’ll get a few cents for the photo’s they are uploading. You can also earn by one of your photo’s, which is being downloaded by others. There are photographers who earn $ 1000 per month by selling photographs. If you want to earn that much, make sure you made the photographs of good quality.

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