Earn money as a translator

All over the wold, people common are speaking in their own language, most common is English. Other languages are German, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish and many more.  Most of the international companies are requiring marketing their products with multi-language manuals and instructions.
An example is a manual of electrical equipment or other goods, they are marketed globally, not in every country they are used to speak English. To bring those devices and other goods on the market in those countries, it must be translated into different languages. Although there are now auto-generated translators, companies still choose to hire human translators because they are more accurate and they are using better way of the sentence format.

How to start as translator

There are many online translator websites, there freelancers can enroll. If you have the knowledge over several languages, ​​you can register yourself as a translator. If your native language is not English, you have more opportunities to succeed, since most companies are looking for native people from their country. To register you have to prepare your resume, have ambition, self-confidence and lots of common sense. Keeping a good relationship with the client and doing outstanding work proves to them that often, you get the level of service you pay for. Give the quality work with affordable cost.

Where can I find online translation jobs?

There are a number of online recourses who are helping you to connect to clients. Some allow to register for free, some you have to pay to register to connect to the client. If a client searches the site for a translator they can access your qualifications, rates, and contact information. You can also search the job board and even apply for projects without being a paying member. A payed member has a better chance of success. The earning depends on the bid what you’re making for a project, you have to make a better bid that other freelancers. The avarage earning per word varies from $0.01 to 0,05$, it also depend on your experiences. A newbie has not the experience compared with somebody with years of experience, a newbie has to start for a lower price.

A list of Online Freelancing Jobs sites:










Some of those websites are free to register, some other you have to pay for.