How To Use Dropbox Sharing Files

DropboxDropbox is a free program that allows to share photos, videos and documents between different computers. The Dropbox folder contains your files which will be synchronized between multiple computers, and the files you customized in the office are also visible on the computer at home. It is also possible to open the files on an iPhone or Android phone using the Dropbox app. With the free Dropbox account you will get 2 GB free online storage to save your files which you can share with others.

Using Dropbox

Go to to to register and download. Once the program is installed on your computer you will see an icon in the system tray. Right-click with your mouse on the icon to go to the preferences . The Dropbox folder you can find in the Windows Explorer where you installed Dropbox or simply double-click on the icon. Once you put a file in the local Dropbox folder it will stored automatically online on the server. You don’t have to do anything, it is ready to share files on another computer which has also installed Dropbox or through the Dropbox website. Simply create a shortcut of your Dropbox folder on your desktop, just right-click on the Dropbox folder and select Copy to Desktop.

Add or delete files

The easiest way to drag, cut or copy files/folders to you Dropbox folder is using the Windows Explorer. If you’re using the Dropbox web interface because you havent installed the program on a computer, choose the right sub-folder and click the Upload button on the left side to select the file you want to add. With the Delete button you can remove a file or folder. Use the CTRL or Shift button on your keyboard to select multiple files or folders.

Restore to older version

It is possible to retrieve an older version using the local or web interface. When you use local go in Windows Explorer to the Dropbox folder and right-mouse click on the file you want to restore and choose Dropbox –> View Previous Versions, it automatically opens the web interface which shows the history of the file. If you work from the web interface, then go to More and select Previous Versions to open the file history. Select the desired version and click the Restore button. Auto-sync restores the file on all locations.

Restore files

Restore deleted files

Deleted folders or files can be retrieved through the web interface. To make the deleted visible go to the gray button which looks like a trash named Show deleted files. Use the mouse to retrieve files and use the CTRL or SHIFT key to select multiple files, then choose the option Restore to restore these files. The remaining files you can delete permanently by choosing Permanently Delete.

Synchronizing files

The files will be synchronized automatically online once you edit, add or removed a file. When you hover over the icon the synchronization will be displayed.

Make files available to everyone

During the installation the program created two folders in Dropbox: Public folder – for all types of files and the Photos folder – specifically for image files. If you want to make your files accessable for everyone simply right-click on the files which you want to publish in public and select Copy public link.  The link can be copies to for example email. To open the link you do not need credentials, anyone who has the link can approach the files for free.

Share folders

Folders and sub-folders can be shared with other Dropbox users, this makes it possible to work together on documents. To share a folder simply right-mouse click Share this folder in the Dropbox folder or from the web interface using the option Invite to folder. Enter email addresses separated by a comma and space, add any personal message and click the Share button to send the invitation. Next Dropbox users are invited to be co-user of the folder.

Share folder

Once the recipient accepts the invitation by clicking on the link in the email, the shared folder is added in his personal Dropbox and he has the rights to add, edit and remove the files.

Note: don’t work together on a file at the same time, Dropbox is not showing if the file is opened by somebody else. This can result in synchronization problems. Be careful with sharing, make regularly a back-up.

If you want to send large files without registering try also WeTransfer. WeTransfer allows to upload up to 2GB at once.



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