ZoneAlarm Firewall Free To Use Software

ZoneAlarm freeZoneAlarm is the most famous free firewall, which is praised for its user friendliness. The reports that ZoneAlarm displays are clear and you can always look up for more information on the site of Zone Labs.
ZoneAlarm Free is the free version that Zone Labs firewall offers. This protection is already enough for home users so buying the paid version is not needed. ZoneAlarm controls all incoming and outgoing traffic and in case of trouble it has a button that can block all Internet traffic right away. ZoneAlarm also gives some limited protection against potentially dangerous scripts in email attachments and it protects you also against phishing.

The interface consists three panels which represent data security and identity, computer and internet. If it experience a problem the color of the panel will change. When you click on the panel there is a detailed status information and access to the configuration.

ZoneAlarm free shows all the features which you also see in the Pro version. However, some functions are gray colored which are only available in the Pro version.

ZoneAlarm interface

Zone Alarm is very good in organizing networks in different security zones. WiFi hotspots and other potentially risky networks are housed in a public area, while your own home network is located in the trusted zone . When ZoneAlarm detects new networks, the user will be asked where they have to be accommodated.

With all ports in stealth mode, the computer is simply invisible for attackers from outside.

Another feature in Zone Alarm is self-defense or in other words self-protection. This means that external attackers are unable to turn off ZoneAlarm.

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall is available in English, French,  Italian, Spanish, and German. The Pro version has extra features: technical support and advanced download protection. For $39.95 is ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite available which offers antivirus and anti-spyware for detecting and removing viruses, spyware, Trojan horses, worms, bots, and much more.




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