How To Create PDF File Using PDF Creator

With the free Adobe Reader, you can read all PDF files, but you can not read PDF’s with for example from Word. Acrobat reader will not allow to convert word or other files. However, there is a reliable and free tool which you can make PDF files.

With PDF Creator you can convert almost every file into PDF format. PDF Creator works as a virtual printer, you’re not printing the files, but saves them as PDF. Very easy to produce a Word document into a PDF file. A nice thing with PDF files is the layout which will not shift,  and you have no problems with changing margins, moving pictures, weird breaks and half-empty pages. That happens often with word documents or spreadsheets which you open on other computers.

How to use PDF Creator

Download and install the latest edition of PDF Creator.  When you install PDF Creator, a new printer called PDF Creator will be created. You can find it under Start –> Settings –> Printers. This printer you use to convert a file. Once you installed then open PDF Creator and go to Printer–> Options, here you can change a lot of things. I will not go through all the options, because you can use the most default settings. I will explain only some of them.

In the Documents windows you can change the standard author, fill in the field some text you like. Enable use the current date of time if you want to use the current date and time the PDF file has been made. Other option is to make every page of the document in a separate PDF file.


In the Save window you can change the name of the file to anything you want, default is <title> which use the same name as the document you want to convert. In the Standard save format section you can set the output file as PDF, JPEG, BMP or other formats. In the lower part you can substitute the file name.

Once you are finished with your settings don’t forget to save your profile, click on the disk in the left upper side of PDF Creator.

Now it’s time to create a new PDF file, go to Documents –> Add and open the file you want to convert. A new window will open and asking you to make PDF Creator the default printer. Select in the lower part of the window All Files and choose the document. A new window will open where you can change the Author name, Creation date, Modify date and Author. Enter the fields you like to change and click on Save. Now you created a new PDF file.You can use PDF Creator also from Word, Photoshop or other applications to make PDF files. For example, go to the File –> Print in Word, now you will not really print, choose PDF Creator as your printer. Then save the file you are working at as PDF. PDF Creator, acting as a virtual printer and makes your document a PDF file.Another easy way to convert a file is in Windows Explorer, go to the folder where your file is located and right-click with your mouse and select Create PDF and Bitmap files with PDF Creator, PDF Creator will open and convert the file.

This is a handy tool to convert any document into PDF, it’s simple and free to use.


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