Create A Document Online And Embed With

AcrobatAdobe has an online service for people who works a lot with PDF files. This service makes it possible to create PDF files and also other types of files to upload and then share them with other users or embed to your website or blog. You can also keep files completely private, so this service makes it possible to use it as storage. There is 2 GB of space available for a  free account, 5 GB basic and up to 100 GB for the business account .

Not only uploading and sharing files is possible, also offers more options such as uploading a .Doc file which will be automatically converted to a PDF file and then you can download or share it again.

To make use of the service is an Adobe account required, after register you have to verify with your email. Then you can begin uploading files, you will see a list which is sorted alphabetically. Behind every image is a menu with available options such as duplicate, rename and remove the file.


Furthermore, you get here fast the URL of the file, so the file can be viewed by other people. Also an option is to mail other people with a link to the file. Finally you have the ability to embed a PDF file on a website or blog. This also works with uploaded Word documents. First you have to publish the document and then click on Share file on the left lower corner and select Copy embed code and paste it into your blog or website.

Create a document online with Buzzworld

Adobe Buzzword is a kind of web browser for editing and exporting different kind of documents such .txt (plain text), .pdf (Adobe PDF), .docx and .doc (Microsoft Word), HTML and more. Also images such as JPEG, PNG and GIF can be inserted easily in documents. It gives you access to an online word processing, similar to Google Docs. In this way you can create your own online document and save them as PDF file. Buzzword offers several layout options, a spell checker and options for inserting images and tables. Buzzword documents are stored in a separate file list. To access this feature click on New and select Buzzword Document.


Adobe ConnectNow for Web Conference

ConnectNow is a free web conference tool that you can participate up to 4 people. Adobe Acrobat Professional (not free) is intended for web conferencing with more than 4 people and can be used for example for training online. To use ConnectNow you need Flash Player 10 installed on your computer. Click on the tab Web Conferencing beside files on the left upper corner to start loading this application, a new window will open where you can start using this tool.

Connect now is not the only online document uploading service, also others such as Google Docs and Scribd have the possibility to share and embed your document on blog or website. The services are available on Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Mac OS X. This service is also available through a Rich Internet Application which is the AIR version of and provides the possibility to publish, share, edit or browse documents directly from the computer desktop.



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