How To Play And Convert Audio And Video With VLC Player

VLC media player supports almost every video and audio format, it’s a very good player. It can play for example mpeg, asf, wmv, mov, flash video, wma, mp3, ogg and aac. With this player it’s also possible to play streams, like internet radio, audio cd’s and dvd’s. For the rest VLC player can detect subtitles of dcd’s. With this player you can watch and view almost every audio and video file, so you don’t need several players.

With the VLC player you can save audio and video streams, and also dvd’s without compressing, they call it transcoding. It uses different protocols for streaming audio and video and can be controlled remotely through a web browser, or if you want make a playlist of your favorite audio and video files.

The interface is easy to use, and optional you can download extra skins to make the look more comfortable for yourself. Some extra features are editing media data of your music and downloading album covers. You can also register (scrobbling)  your music at

This software is free to use and runs on almost every operating system like, windows, apple, ubuntu, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad, and recent versions of the iPod touch.

How to play music and video with VLC player

First download the application from their website at Install and run the application. Click on Media and browse in your folder to find the audio or  video you want to use. Another option is going to the folder with your explorer, right-click on the file and select open with VLC player.

Convert videos with VLC Player

Select Media –> Convert / Save, a new window will open and in the first section add the video to convert, in the second section choose a subtitle file. VLC player can convert a video file including subtitles. Click on the Convert/Save button and select the destination folder and file name. Click on start. There are many advantage settings to change like audio and video formats. VLC player has already a lot of codecs but to have a complete package I would choose the K-lite Codec pack.


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