How To Compress And Send Large Files With

Many services are available to send large files through the internet, such as WeTransfer and Binfer. Some are using a server and others are using P2P (peer 2 Peer). If it goes through a server, the file will be stored somewhere and from there the recipient can download it any time.  For those who prefer to keep a full control without any server in between can go to In a few mouse-clicks you can send files, such as a video, mp3 or other big files through a safe one-to-one connection to someone else.

Compressing files

If you have a collection of music files ( example mp3 files) you can send them all together at the same time as a zip file, the same you can do with your photo or video collection. The advantage using a zip file is that you only have to send one file instead of seperate files. The recipient can download and extract the compressed folder so the files will be visible.

Create a folder on your desktop and give it a name. Copy the mp3’s you want to send to this folder. Once youre finished selecting the files then you can compress the files. Right-mouse click on the selected files and select Copy to/Compressed Folder, Windows starts to create the compressed folder.

Compress files

Send and receive the compressed file

Go to and click Send a file to open Windows Explorer and select the zip file. Optionally you can secure the session with an extra password by checking the box Password protected.

Dushare send

Dushare shows a link that looks like You can copy this link into an email and send to the reipient.

Dushare Link

That person can click on the link to get the file. Another way is simly going to the website and select Claim a file and fill in the code, in this example 67fdd and click Retrieve to start to download. During the transferring process, you will see the progress in a status bar. Once the downloading is complete, the Save button will show up, click on it and choose the destination folder for the file. After this both parties can close the browser. Now the recipient can unzip the file to make the compressed files visible.

Dushare retrieve

An advantage of Dushare is the one-to-one connection between two computers. You keep control as the sender of the delivery process and can break at any time by closing your browser. You do not need to worry that the file is hanging somewhere on the Internet. The disadvantage is that both sender and receiver must keep their browser open until the download is complete.


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