Cloud Service: Connect Facebook And Google Drive To Dropbox With Wappwolf

WappwolfWappwolf makes it possible to connect Picasa, Facebook, Flickr and more online software services in the cloud with Dropbox. Simply drag and drop files into a predefined folder and Dropbox automatically convert and synchronize to your favorite cloud services. The full list of cloud services that synchronizes Wappwolf is long, a few of them are Google Drive, Cloud Google Print, Amazon Kindle, Slideshare, Twitter, Facebook , Picasa, Down Cale and SugarSync.

Using Wappwolf

In 3 steps you can synchronize to the cloud automatically with Wappwolf. First make a connection between Wappwolf and Dropbox. Click on Allow and the app folder Wappwolf is created.

Connect Dropbox to- appwolf

Next step is specify a folder. For each synchronization with a cloud service is recommended to create separate folders, the files and associated actions can be organized and classified. I created a folder where I synchronize to Facebook.

Wappwolf create folder

Next choose the destination and action. For each folder can be specified by type of file what should happen such as uploading to a specific cloud service, converting, printing, editing and more.

Wappwolf choose action

Wappwolf is quick and easy to use. Files are placed in the Dropbox folder Dropbox\ Apps \ Wappwolf \ Facebook and will be automatically uploaded to a specific Facebook photo album. In this way it is easy to drag and drop pictures from my folder and copy it to a photo album on Facebook, which was not possible previously only through Facebook itself.

Wappwolf automations

Wappwolf costs and security

Wappwolf is free to use, only the use of the service itself. Externally linked services may charge for the use, such as the ability to print and send a real letter. However, most applications are completely free to use.

Wappwolf is requesting access to your Dropbox folder and it can theoretically recognize all your files stored in your Dropbox account. This is the same with other services that is connecting to Dropbox. The login data of your Dropbox account are stored encrypted properly secured on the Wappwolf server. To Make a better protection synchronize only a single Dropbox folder. Only files in that directory can then be used to synchronize with other cloud services.


As of now Wappwolf is a very useful tool to synchronize different applications. Probably is this only temporary, if Facebook or other services will come with the same drag and drop function, for sure Wappwolf will be unnecessary. But for now Wappwolf is a great tool to make cloud services more accessible.



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